Ahhh, the moodiness of moods.
They defy description. Impossibly consuming + ephemeral in the same breath; nonsensical when you try to explain them. Words invariably falter.

My view? Moods will simply not be contained within the confines of words. I’m not even sure one would answer to that name if called.

“Here Mood!”.
That’s my point.

Moods are like brushstrokes or wings or impressions, dipped deeply into a tasty well of life’s colors, patterns, textures, shapes, context;
then spread liberally across the canvas of your experience, even if for a moment like a breeze… a vibe… a whisper… a whimsical reverie that leaves you smiling at no one in particular.
For those who care to ponder such things, they may appear metaphoric. Archetypal. Not unlike dreams. They show us things.
Welcome to a few of my favorite moods. From my head ‘n heart to your eyes. Just don’t ask me to explain them.

Whimsical Reveries. Like Sunlight For Your Soul

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