I’m a professional photographer. Did I mention that? True fact. These pieces were inspired by that one true fact.

Secret: I’ve always seen my camera as a mystical paintbrush that could cross realities. After all, its medium is light… and time.
For me, it’s a spiritual thing. Because at the heart of my photo work lies the certainty that Life is Light.

So when this new and wondrous conceptual art started coming through, it sang through my photographs first.

My "movie moment" reads like this: “It all began with a simple photograph. Upon listening carefully, the townspeople agreed: a clear & musical voice seemed to emanate from its pixels, seemingly entrapped within the silver emulsion itself.
They pondered the meaning, conjectured the reasons, yet at the end of the day concluded nothing at all, even as the voice became stronger, its music more undeniable. Till one day it broke free… and the townspeople gasped with wonder.”

I felt I owed my photography a debt of gratitude for the the creative muse it awakened in me… and a Collection of its very own.

My dearest hope is to move my clients, my collectors and my beloved audience to connect more deeply to themselves, to each other and to our astounding natural world, filled with awe.
I don’t want much. Smile.

Whimsical Reveries. Like Sunlight For Your Soul

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